5 Major Differences Between THC Carts And THC Vapes

THC carts and THC Vapes are becoming more popular as people look for a safer alternative to smoking. But how do they compare? We’ll look at the differences between THC carts and THC vapes, including dosing accuracy and consistency of dosing, temperature regulation of each, battery life and cost of each device, portability, and discretion when using each, as well as the cost difference between the two.

5 Differences Between THC Carts And THC Vapes

Dosing Accuracy And Consistency

The THC cart is considerably more accurate and consistent than the THC vape. This isn’t surprising, considering that a single dose of cannabis extracted from flowers is measured out and placed in a syringe for the cart, while a vaporizer heats up your whole batch at once.

Although you could buy a scale to weigh doses with your vape pen, this can be difficult if you use different strains. So chances are that your ability to measure how much THC you consume will vary quite a bit depending on how much cannabis was put into each cartridge or what temperature setting was used.

It’s easy to forget that there are even different types of vaporizers when comparing the two methods—but there definitely are. A convection vaporizer heats up loose plant material by blowing hot air over it; conduction vaporizers heat up solid material by placing it inside of something like an oven or heating element. 

Vape pens tend toward conduction style vapes due to their small size and ease of use, and no need for special tools, but some companies do make convection vapes as well—and these provide users with better accuracy when measuring dosage since they don’t require any guesswork while taking hits off their device.

Temperature Regulation

In terms of safety, it’s crucial to know that the carts are not regulated and should not be used at high temperatures. The heating element inside a cart is a flat metal plate held in place by springs, which means that the device can get very hot very quickly—and stay hot for long periods. 

This makes them dangerous: if you leave your cart unattended or try to use it with loose parts like waxes or oils which will absorb heat, you run the risk of burning yourself badly.

The vapes use a different style of the heating system called convection heating. 

Convection heating heats up your material using an outer ring rather than an inner plate—meaning there are fewer chances for overheating, and less dangerous if something goes wrong with your vape device.

Battery Life

One of the significant differences between THC carts and THC vapes is their battery life. The batteries in your vape will eventually run out after a few weeks or months, and you’ll need to replace them with new ones. When this happens, it’s much more expensive than replacing cartridges in a cart system.

Carts have their own advantages—they’re smaller and easier to use than vapes—but they also have one major disadvantage: they can’t hold as much weed as a full-size vaporizer.

Portability And Discretion

The most fundamental difference between THC carts and THC vapes is their portability. While both devices allow you to smoke marijuana discreetly and on the go, THC Carts are more portable because they look like regular cigarettes. 

In contrast, THC Vapes are more portable because they look like pens. When you think about it in terms of convenience, the portability of a regular cigarette can’t be beaten. 

If you want to go shopping or attend an event where smoking isn’t allowed and aren’t lucky enough to live somewhere that allows public consumption, all you need is a pack of cigarettes, and you’re good to go. This means no fussing with other paraphernalia—like lighters or pipes—to enjoy your favorite strain.

Cost Difference

THC carts are more expensive than THC vapes. It’s a simple fact that the only way to make a cart unless you’re making it yourself is to buy one. Because they are more challenging to make, they also require more materials and time, which all add up to a higher price tag.

On the other hand, THC vapes can be made at home with everyday household items and then filled with your favorite strains of cannabis once made. This means that making your own vape pen instead of buying one pre-filled or empty cartridge version saves you quite a bit of cash in the long run.

Legality Of THC Carts And THC Vapes

While both THC carts and vapes are legal in all 50 states and cannabis vaping is existing and emerging immensely, there are some differences in the laws that govern them.

  • THC carts are considered to be tobacco products, so they can only legally be sold within the state or territory where they were manufactured. This means that if you live in California and purchase a THC cart from Colorado, it may not be legal for you to use it there. However, many states have their own versions of this law that allow residents to bring their own products into the state as long as they comply with federal laws i.e., no more than 0.3% THC.
  • A vape pen is considered an e-cigarette or vaporizer, which is considered an alternative nicotine delivery device and therefore does not fall under any tobacco regulations at all; states do not have any control over e-cigarettes unless they choose to pass legislation on them separately from other vaping devices such as vaping pens or mods for instance.

How To Store THC Carts And THC Pens?

The best way to store your pen is in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing your pen in direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure to UV light can damage the battery and other components of the device. 

Additionally, you want to avoid keeping your pen in humid environments or wet environments, for example, near sinks and showers, as moisture can cause mold growth on the device’s plastic exterior.

If you follow these guidelines for storing your  pens, then you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years’ worth of vaping pleasure.


The THC vape pen is a much better option for many reasons, but it’s essential to understand that they also have their limitations. They may not be as portable or discreet as you would like them, but another thing to consider is how much you will spend on refilling cartridges when using these devices compared to other options available today.