Julia Computing raises $24M in Series A Funding led by Dorilton Ventures

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Julia Computing, situated in Massachusetts, has secured $24 million in a Series A round of funding, headed by Dorilton Ventures, and included investment from Menlo Ventures, General Catalyst, and HighSage Ventures.   

Bob Muglia, formerly the CEO of Snowflake and the President of Servers and Tools at Microsoft, will enter the board of directors of Julia Computing.

Julia Computing will use the additional funding to expand the Julia ecosystem and build its safe, effective JuliaHub cloud platform.

I’m happy to report that Julia Computing has secured a $24 million Series A. It advances our goal of creating the language and ecosystem of our dreams using #julialang, according to Viral B Shah, co-founder, and CEO of Julia Computing.                          

“We are glad to lead this crucial round and work with Julia Computing. At the epicenter of technical computing, a sizable worldwide market with formidable entry barriers lies Julia Computing. By enabling simulation rather than an approximation, Julia’s machine learning and AI technologies are revolutionizing the costs associated with computational analysis and scientific advancement. According to Daniel Freeman, who oversaw the Dorilton Ventures investment, this is a transformational company with great potential for success.

The developers of Julia, the quickest and simplest high programming language for statistics, machine intelligence, information science, modeling, and simulation, launched Julia Computing. AstraZeneca, BlackRock, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Moderna, Pfizer, as well as NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are just a few of the more than 10,000 firms using Julia globally.

More than 29 million people have downloaded the Julia programming language since it was first created at MIT. This number includes the hundreds of open source developers committed to Julia and its 6,000 licensed packages. World-renowned colleges including MIT, Stanford, and UC Berkeley, are among the more than 1,500 universities utilizing and teaching Julia globally.            

The startup was established in July 2015 by the Julia programming language’s four inventors, Drs. Viral Shah, Jeff Bezanson, Stefan Karpinski, Deepak Vinchhi, and Keno Fischer.