Drug Launch NetBaseQuid 

NetBaseQuid is a website that provides a comprehensive list of drug launch dates in order to help people find the best day and time to buy drugs on the black markets. They provide information on how much drugs are worth, how long they’ve been on sale for, and whether or not the drug will be expired by this time next year. They do this with the help of a large database containing information on over 2,000 different drugs and over 100,000 price fluctuations. They also provide a forum that allows users to ask specific questions about prices or drug trends.

In January 2007, NetBaseQuid was launched as a project that would eventually become a database containing hundreds of thousands of data points collected from Europe and North America using content scrapers, webcrawlers and manual analysis. This data would then be integrated into the website for anyone to view for free. With the website launched, NetBaseQuid began to collect more data from drug shops in Canada and the U.S that are on the black market. It was also decided to expand its database even further by acquiring a list of drugs from a group of individuals that were doing some work with underground drug markets. The group of people were not involved with or directly connected to NetbaseQuid although they were able to provide a list of over 100,000 different drugs in existence.

The website has since expanded its database to include over 250,000 different drugs that are currently available on the black market.

It was created by Japanese drug dealers who market miracle drugs from supermarkets and pharmacies. The website’s main feature is the Q & A section, where customers can ask questions about drugs without having to give their full name.

The drug dealers, which was created specifically to help netizens log onto the black market, allows customers to ask questions about the drugs they are looking for and it provides detailed information on the products including cost per gram and whether the drug will be safe or unsafe.

The site says that it has a connection with a gang of Japanese drug dealers who have set up a website in order to provide information on how to buy drugs from various supermarkets and pharmacies across Japan. The site’s main feature is a Q&A section where customers can ask questions about drugs without having to give their full name.

The site gives a list of all the drugs available for sale, and explains how to buy them. It also has a very useful Q&A section, where users can ask questions about the drugs they are looking for. The dealers will answer any question users might have about what is illegal and what is not, helping drug users to buy the right drugs.

“Q”, or “Quid” as it is spelled on the website, which is Latin for “a small payment,” states that it is not illegal to use drugs in Japan. Users can freely purchase 5 kinds of anticonvulsant drugs with no prescription at pharmacies and supermarkets without any problems whatsoever.

‘NetBaseQuid’ became known beyond Japan’s borders in July 2012, when it was featured in a “The New York Times” article about black markets and the evolution of new drug-selling techniques. This made it so that “some people are now taking notice of NetBaseQuid’s utility — its whereabouts notwithstanding.”

NetBaseQuid drug launch is a Japanese website, but it has a section where they provide information in English. Below is an English translation of the Q & A page: 

‘Q. How do you feel about using NetBaseQuid? Can this information be trusted? Are these sites safe to buy from? Help me decide whether to buy or not.’

‘A. We cannot guarantee that these websites are 100% reliable. However, 70% of all buyers have had good experiences with these websites, according to our analysis.’ 

‘Q. Why does this website say very little about which drugs to sell? I thought this website was created by dealers?’